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Medical Care Management & Life Care Planning

We have seen over and over that regardless how a family is introduced to life care management there is a common thread – it brings the right balance back to their lives and honors both their loved one and themselves.


In the simplest terms, life care management is a set of activities and standard of processes designed to anticipate every ‘what if’ so that you and your family do not continuously experience each transition occurring in your loved one’s life with shock, anguish, and fear. The very function of life care management allows you the opportunity to think clearly and make decisions based on knowledge.


Our life care management process is based on a patient-centered approach to care…


  • It begins with an initial comprehensive assessment to best understand our client’s medical history, current physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial care needs, and financial wherewithal to synchronize the use of money with changing care needs.

  • Our expertise allows us to analyze the assessment findings and design an individualized, actionable plan of care that anticipates the ‘what ifs’ so family members do not have to.

  • We review the plan of care with our client and their family to clarify and confirm the scope of work. Our purpose is to help stabilize the environment and improve our client’s status in a timely manner.

  • In alignment with our company’s mission to age-in-place with elegance, grace, and ease, we consistently monitor our clients’ needs to ensure the highest level of care and independence.

  • We put systems, structure, and plans in place to anticipate any situation that may occur to best achieve sustainable outcomes for long-term planning.

Comprehensive Assessment & Care Plans
Medical Care Management
Transition Care Management
Life Care Planning

Home Safety Assessment
& Care Plan

Road Safety - Taking Away the Keys

Ongoing Oversight

Family Updates


"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors."


- Tia Walker

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Private Duty Home Care

Family Guardian Support

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