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Family Guardian Support

We serve South Florida and the Palm Beaches

Being a family guardian is not a place we can imagine ourselves, yet for some families, it is very real and filing to become a family guardian is the only decision they can make to keep their loved one safe. It may happen suddenly, or the realization of the need is more gradual. You begin noticing slight behavioral changes that don't mean much individually, but collectively suggest that your loved one’s cognitive abilities are in decline. Whichever way it comes about, the process is often very painful, and many twists and turns will likely occur before a new norm takes hold.

As a family guardian, who most likely lives out-of-state, you quickly discover that the additional responsibilities are stressful, and you only want to ‘do the right thing.’ It can lead to differences over everything from daily routines to major life choices, not only with your loved one but also with siblings or other family members who have strong opinions about where your loved one should live, how care should be provided, which doctors and treatments to pursue, use of money. While siblings and others may mean well, the family guardian has the final say and that can be daunting.

Jill established a patient-centered approach to care utilizing life care management processes that include guidance and support to family members that choose to become a family guardian. Her background in care management and life care planning and her work with financial and legal experts helped her gain a footing in the family guardian arena and she has become a leader in the space.


Our life care management process… 


  • Begins with an initial comprehensive assessment to best understand our client’s medical history, current physical, emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial care needs, and financial wherewithal to synchronize the use of money with changing care needs.

  • Our expertise allows us to analyze the assessment findings and design an individualized, actionable plan of care that anticipates the ‘what ifs’ so family members do not have to.

  • We review the plan of care with our client and their family to clarify and confirm the scope of work. Our purpose is to help stabilize the environment and improve our client’s status in a timely manner.

  • In alignment with our company’s mission to age-in-place with elegance, grace, and ease, we consistently monitor our clients’ needs to ensure the highest level of care and independence.

  • We put systems, structure, and plans in place to anticipate any situation that may occur to best achieve sustainable outcomes for long-term planning.


Local Support for Family Guardians
Comprehensive Assessment & Care Plans
Medical Care Management  
Transition Care Management

Life Care Planning                                     

Home Safety Assessment
& Care Plan

Road Safety - Taking Away the Keys

Ongoing Oversight

Family Updates

Litigation Support


"All of us know, not what is expedient, not what is going to make us popular, not what the policy is, or the company policy – but in truth, each of us knows what the right thing is to do. And that’s how I am guided."


- Maya Angelou

Our Other Services


Private Duty Home Care


Medical Care Management & Life Care Planning

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International Travel Coordination 

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