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"When working with Jill you realize that you are NOT alone. She always has your back and is in complete charge. My family feels lucky to have connected with her and to have her on our team."

Lisa H. New York, NY


"Jill was recommended to me by a good friend who worked with her in the past. We met on one of the most stressful days of my life.  My sister was having what could only be called a psychotic break with reality.  After many months of going “downhill” and years of suffering with incorrect diagnoses, I found her in a catatonic state.  Jill came immediately and helped me determine what to do and how to do it.  She was so calm and reassuring. Initially, she found proper housing for my sister, the right practitioners to address her diagnosis and ongoing medications. She worked closely with our family through guardianship and made us feel like she was “in it” with us and at the right time, helped transition my sister to her own home with the proper services and ongoing oversight.  

Jill’s extensive knowledge of available local resources was invaluable in getting us connected to the right people when we needed them. She was always there to answer questions and help us understand the situation at hand and what needed to be done. She is patient, kind and always caring. Her direct style, without being harsh, was so helpful. She can break through the emotional upheaval and get you to calmly focus on a course of action. 

Today my sister is back to being part of our family. None of that would have happened without Jill."

Andrea M., Pompano Beach, FL


"After years of decline my beloved mom required full time care. This process is sad, frustrating, and fraught with fear and anxiety. Jill listened to our needs, fears, and hopes then provided and executed her comprehensive care management and home care plan. As requested, we now have a safe and happy home for my mom. Jill and her team of professionals quickly provided the services for my family’s immediate needs and the team required for my mom’s future comfort. Jill is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. I shudder to imagine this journey without Jill’s constant attention and care. Thank you."

Amy M., West Hampton, NY


"I have known and worked with Jill for over 14 years. As an elder law attorney, I often tell my clients’ families that being a caregiver requires a team approach; doctors to attend to medical needs, lawyers to handle legal concerns, and geriatric care managers to coordinate home care and just about everything else. Not every client listens. When they do, though, and when they choose to draft Jill to their team, she invariably becomes the MVP. I’ve seen first-hand, hundreds of times over many years of practice, the care, expertise, pragmatism, and compassion that she brings to help resolve even the most complicated situations. Last year, when it came time for my own family to assemble a team, I turned to Jill. I was so glad to have her in our corner."

Daniel T, Elder Law Attorney, Lake Worth, FL


"As an investment manager dealing with high-net-worth retirees, and elderly clients, I have known Jill Poser for well over 10 years. My clients and their families are discerning and expect total follow through. I work with Jill because her attention to detail, her consistency of process, implementation and ongoing oversight, consistent communication with families and her sensitivity to family dynamics is exceptional."

Michael S., Investment Manager, Boca Raton, FL


"Jill Poser and Private Duty Home Care Concierge is an extremely valuable commodity for families and their loved ones. Her attention to detail is second to none. Her compassion and knowledge allow her to connect with her clients and offer services that assist with problem resolution and allow for a higher standard of care. I have personally watched Jill coordinate care for her clients with physicians, home care, relocation, mental health issues and more. Jill dots every “I” and crosses every “T” and treats her clients as if they are her own family members."  

Denyse H., Medicare Home Care, Parkland, FL


"Jill and I have been working together for over 10 years. From the start, I noticed Jill’s ability to relate to clients and facilitate bridging the gap between how the clients communicate with their attorney. While working on law planning issues, she has been instrumental in assisting clients so that they can better understand the planning process. Jill provides the necessary documentation to effectuate each plan. She also has been key in helping clients better understand their long-term care planning options. Furthermore, Jill helps clients determine which options are best suited for their needs. She differentiates herself through her use of language with all clients as well as a more streamlined planning process. Her attention to detail, her communication skills and ability to resolve the most difficult and challenging situations, lead her to achieve optimal success every single day in private duty home care and care management."

Howard K., Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, Boca Raton, FL

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