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If you are here, chances are you are facing the reality that someone you love now requires professional care. 


I know how it feels, I am where you are today.


Since 2017, my family’s life has been constantly changing. We continually find ourselves embracing a new normal, and it is not easy.


It started when my dad underwent surgery that failed, taking him from being fully independent to requiring 24/7 care. When the pandemic hit, adjusting to life in isolation was especially difficult for my mom. Between the stresses of quarantine and caring for her husband, followed by a hard fall, it became clear my mom was struggling with depression and the onset of dementia. With both my parents requiring 24/7 care I appreciate both personally and professionally how difficult this transition can be.


My name is Jill Poser, CGCM, CMC, and I am a twice certified Geriatric Care Manager and expert in private duty home care. I have over 15-years of professional experience in the senior space helping hundreds of families just like yours find solutions to have their loved one transition into new norms with as much grace and ease as possible. 


My education, professional training and personal family experiences have prepared me to listen, understand, and guide my clients from a heartfelt space. Private Duty Home Care Concierge was built from the space of service to support families like mine that are going through life-changing physical, emotional, and cognitive decline of their loved ones. 


We have established 3-levels of support, resources, and coordination of services to assist you and your family:



I look forward to speaking with you and creating a solution that addresses your family’s unique circumstances. 


With gratitude always,


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